Bible by Olive Tree App Reviews


Trop bien , je recommande


Viele Bibel-Apps ausprobiert... Olive -Ttree ist mit Abstand die beste. Einige Updates waren in der Vergangenheit buggy... aber momentan tip top.


App doesnt work after updating to iOS8!!!


Love it

Great app

Best bible app on the market.

Great App

Wonderful App


Great app

Great app, good plans, easy to use

I've been using this app for several years now, and it is my favorite Bible study app. I have purchased several of the in-app available bibles, and resource notes. You can select many different reading plans, and it tracks your progress with no effort. I also switch between my iPhone and iPad, and it syncs with no issue. The only thing I really don’t like is that they keep removing landscape view from the iPhone, which is the reason I downgraded to 4 stars. Otherwise, it is a 5 star app.

Excellent Bible reading tool

This is the bible I read 99% of the time. And all fits right in my pocket. I'm amazed that I can switch translations, go to different verses, cross reference and research from other books, all very quickly. The study/reading programs are great. I'm reading the Kingdom Study now. I liked the reading plan on "love" scriptures very much. I also like being able to add notes about a verse or whatever right in the app. The only issue I have might be that the study books that accompany the readings have extremely small print. I may be able to change the size of those books too but I have not looked into it. Now I’m reading the chronological reading plan. The ease of jumping to footnotes and related scriptures is very intuitive and user friendly!

Can’t Depend On It

I’ve had this app for years (starting with the Palm Pilot), but lately (for the last year or so) it will suddenly say that my account is “invalid” and not allow me to log in. This is across all platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle, PC, Mac, etc. It is random, but happens often enough to render the app useless. I’ve written support several times and haven’t received a response much less a solution.

1st day on the Bible reading plan

1st day on the Bible reading plan and it is very easy to follow. What I like best is that I can check off the readings as I complete them. I am very excited about writing the word on my heart everyday and feeding my soul. Thank you!


I am still figuring out how to use my Olive Bible Study Mobile IPhone app. It would be nice to be able to have more than ONE BIBLE PASSAGE OPEN on the Select Verse line bar

The power of this platform is amazing!

It is one thing to say that you have a chest of powerful high quality tools. Olive Tree takes their program to the highest level with the resources offered, but then to offer access to these tools for use from virtually anywhere, even without WiFi - that’s beyond AMAZING!

My favorite mobile Bible app!

I have used numerous Bible apps, but this Olive Tree Bible app is my “go to”. I use it everyday. I love the app’s ease of use, the vast number of free study tools, the reliability of the search feature, the ability to personalize my settings for easier reading. I especially love the ease of switching between ESV and KJV to compare scripture while I’m reading. It is so easy to “Rightly divide the Word of Truth” with this app. This app rates 10/10 with me.

I normally don't write reviews...

But this app is more than worthy 🙌🙏👍

Great sword for battle

The resources are excellent and easy to access. It’s great to have this app with me all the time, no one can fight the dark forces without a great sword!

Olive tree bible app

This app is one of the very best apps for a thorough understanding of the scriptures and bible study. Please keep the improvements coming.

Very Good Product

I’ve actually been using the app for many years and have never found anything better. My only complaint would be that I wish they had more dispensational books for purchase like fruchtenbaum, Larkin etc. Don’t get me wrong they have a vast library for purchase but not quite as strong as Logos. Personally I’m not a fan of the Logos app UI so I use it only for book purchases I can’t get here with olive tree.

Love the app

App almost does too much; I would love to see it as clean as ESV app by crossway or neu bible, so I take off one star, but it's incredibly powerful with the resource guide and olive tree is always adding new resources for good prices. Love that it syncs between devices.

Help for all studying if Jesus.

Good support and answers for questions I need to find

Money Machine


I would love if this app could read the Bible to you

The only thing this app is missing is the ability to read the Bible to you

Updates keep making it worse

I used to love this app for the way it was simple to use and had a clean interface....not anymore.You now have to navigate through tonnes of promotional material not forgetting how slow the app has become.Make it just a simple bible app like it used to be.For now I will have to look for a more user friendly bible app.

Best Bible App!

This app is rich with features and resources.

Amazing tool for comparative bible reading

Olive Tree has really opened up bible studies for me. I can now engage in brief or in-depth study with however much time I have, wherever I am, whenever. My only suggestion for improving the app is that there be a way to increase the font size and typeface for the right panel. If there is such a setting I have not found it yet. Changing font for the left panel is easy. Middle aged eyes need a little extra help. Thank you very much.

Well thought out reading plan

I am reading the discipleship plan and it’s a good mix of Old and New Testament


So easy to shop. Easy to find item as prices are usually good. Love the convenience and quick delivery.


It would be great if you could see a sample of what we are buying or some reviews of what others think about the books

Great ESV Bible

I love my ESV Bible and all of the resources that are attached to my Bible. Great study tools of God’s Word. Thank you. Richard Long

Great resource.

I have been using this app for several years. It has exceeded my expectations. There are some free Bible apps out there but this one is so much more than any of those.

Multiple resources make Bible study engaging

Slowly over the past five years that I’ve had this Bible app I have accumulated a few different translations of the Bible as well as a study Bible, the study Bible notes as well as the commentary in Atlas. I have a dictionary. Using these resources mix studying the Bible so much fun! And I know there’s a lot more resources out there.

Great app! Always improving!

I love Bible Reader app and have been using it for almost 20 years. Great tool for on-the-fly bible study or sermon preparation plus devotional and other books too! They always come out with helpful updates...highly recommended.

Great Bible App

This bible app is great for reading plans and notes and things you could do on an actual Bible. Now the only suggestion would be to make your highlighting a little easier. I could barely highlight one word at a time. I’m only 12 and this Bible is great for teens and adults alike. 5 stars

Spirit Filled Study

I love being able to download a book when I need it on a topic. It’s even built well to accommodate study for the Spirit Filled believer. I love the study notes by Jack Hayford and the other materials that help the scriptures come alive! I would love to see other Authors presented from the NAR

Bible Reader

It's wonderful! I love having so many translations, notes & concordance at my fingertips! My husband and I love this app!

Bible study helps

Olive Tree has been a daily source of encouragement as the opportunities to build my available resources library are presented. I look forward to the notices that frequently come and find the process for a quick review and decision to buy or not buy very smooth and efficient.

Very helpful.

The resources provided with this app are very useful and helpful. They have enhanced my daily reading and studying greatly. I use this app every day multiple times a day. I really enjoy the different daily bible studies they provide.

I would give 5 stars but.....

Update: There is a history feature so I give this app 5 stars!!!!! I love it. Where can I found the history? I used to be able to find all the scriptures that I read throughout the week, but now it only has a bookmark? Can we have that feature back? Or else please tell me how to find my history? Thank you.

Easy to read without technical issues

I really like this app. I can read my daily scriptures and once I’m done it shows me that I “completely”; tracking my reading to show where I left off. Really like it. Highly suggest this app. Oh, there’s other good subjects and sections herein. Love this app!!!

Used to be great...

1. TOOLBAR COVERS TEXT Oh guys...let’s talk about this “toolbar” covering the text. This has to be one of the worst and most intrusive UI ideas yet. The reason I know it’s bad and not just me is because “toolbar covering text” is the first default options when contacting support so you can try and rationalize why it exists. Is this “feature” more for you...or your users? I’ve never used it, never will, and feel like it’s a heel in what was once a great bible-reading experience. If you’re so adamant to not listen to users enough to remove it, at least for the love of Moses, allow a preference in settings to hide it. 2. TOUCH GUIDELINES Secondly, let’s talk about how danged close together verse, reference, and notes elements are, and how completely unusable this is for your users. There’s a reason Apple had to release a guidelines standard about how close items should be together for touch-friendliness. I have probably spent nearly five minutes trying to read a note I made for a verse, only to continue to get unwanted cross-referenced verses instead...and I’m on a 12” iPad Pro with like 20pt font! I have a strong feeling there’s a global CSS style for each of these elements. How about applying even a little padding/margin to these for user-friendliness? 3. CHAPTER-SWIPE In the past, before iOS updates and my new iPad Pro, I was always able to use the “two-finger swipe to go to next/previous chapters seamlessly. This feature doesn’t work for manna any longer. I’ll do the two-finger swipe, and you never know if you’re going to go forward, or just end up in some random place. ————————— Thanks for listening to my rant and desperate plea for a better UI. I’m sure I’m not alone (again esp. for item 1 since it’s a default explanation when contacting you). This has historically been my favorite bible app, but with these chief complaints of mine going unfixed/addressed for quite some time, I’ll be completely honest, all it will take is for something better to come around for me to defect. I hope you’ll listen to my feedback, and consider implementing fixes for these in the immediate future. Thanks again for the app, it’s been amazing for my studies, but I’m a bit disenchanted at present, overall. Peace be unto you.

Great app

I love this app. I can read from several different items in my library and ribbon mark each one. I especially like how I can read from one device and mark my page and then later pick up from the same place on my other device. This app is perfect for Bible Reading, but it is also great for sermon prep, Bible study prep, and special holiday readings. The comprehensive app allows me to download as many resources as I need and I can use this app on all my devices because it syncs to the cloud. I can work on a sermon in a helicopter over the mountains of Afghanistan or have a quiet time in my backyard. I love the free resources and can purchase any other helps I need. Love this app! And the customer service is quick, responsive, and friendly. Love it!!

Usually works fine but

Update crashes immediately on my iPhone X!

Doesn’t work anymore

I used to love this app. It quit working a few months ago. When I open, it just “loads” with a blank screen. Same thing on my husband’s phone. Would give 5 stars if it worked again!

Cannot get past the loading screen.

Cannot get past the loading screen. Spinner spins perpetually regardless of updating and uninstalling and reinstalling

The future of bible study

While I still love the feel, and readability of my good old fashioned paper bible, I am beginning to recognize the value of having so many resources at my fingertips. This is the future of bible study. I can read my NIV bible and have several different options for reference tracking with me at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, taking notes and highlighting is so much easier. Cross-referencing my notes is a breeze. This app is a must for any serious bible study. Of course, you have to purchase many of the versions, but there are some free ones as well. Just remember, someone had to put a lot of time and effort into writing and researching some of the best resources in here. Their time is worth your money (which isn’t really that much). Great app! Thank you.


Love your app and use it daily. Do like not like getting messages every day to get me to buy more resources

Olive Tree Bible Study is a wonderful program!

I love this app because it helps me to grow in my journey with the Lord. It offers many resources that enable me to learn and study the word of God and enrich my spirit. I praise God that I found and have been using this app for over 5 years and it keeps getting better! Louis S.

Been using for years

Great app with a lot of resources. They are always working on improving it. It could be less buggy, but overall it is a great option

Mejor biblia

La mejor referencia de la biblia


Persistently the best Bible app I’ve used. Thank you for creating and constantly maintaining this app on both iOS and macOS.



Great app

I have another bible app but this one is the best. Multiple version, easy to highlight and copy scripture. Easy to search. I love it.


This is such a helpful tool when studying, you can find everything you wanted and more when researching a topic, I’m mind blown and I was able to answer questions I’ve been looking for for over a year in under 20 minuets, such a helpful app

Love it but for one tiny issue

I’ve used this app for a long time, and have even purchased different bible translations from their store. I love it. It’s so easy to use, and the resources are incredible. My frustration is that it constantly line breaks words, rather than moving the word to the next line. No matter how large or small I make the font, no matter whether I’m using it in landscape or portrait, I cannot for the life of me get it to stop breaking words over two lines. Of all the issues this is small and feels petty, but we are going through Acts at bible study right now, and it’s like every name and every place is split over two lines. It interrupts the flow of the text and is actually driving me bananas. Hopefully it will be fixed in a later update, but for right now I am having to switch to a different app. Which is a shame because I’ve paid for these bibles. I’ve just had enough of the constant word splitting. :(

What happened?

This has been my go to app. It is AWESOME but something bad happened with the last update. I'll update if it gets better but I can't find my way and mostly get spinning circles. Ugh.

So far so good!

New to Olive Tree, just created my account yesterday, but have found the resources helpful so far. I prefer reading my actual Bible, but use the app to study maps, find meanings or translations of words and to compare the same scriptures from other Bible versions, such as the NIV vs. King James. The app makes all this simpler and less time consuming. Would like to have access to original Hebrew text resources, which I know might be difficult.....

The Best Bible Study App.

This is not just a Bible App. This has a ton of advanced features. The split window automatically takes you to the commentary/resource, when you go to a Bible passage. You also can create your own colour markers. I am a serious Bible student with Master Degree in Theological Studies and pursuing my doctorate. I would highly recommend. I wish they provide Bibles in many other languages. I love this app.

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