Bible by Olive Tree App Reviews


Trop bien , je recommande


Viele Bibel-Apps ausprobiert... Olive -Ttree ist mit Abstand die beste. Einige Updates waren in der Vergangenheit buggy... aber momentan tip top.


App doesnt work after updating to iOS8!!!


Love it

Great app

Best bible app on the market.

Great App

Wonderful App


Great app

Ultimately convenient

I can’t state how strongly I love studying out of this app. Everything is at my fingertips. I have amassed quite a library in the one year that I have had this app. Studying is now a breeze, easier then ever before, no more paper. A real time saver.

Thank you.

Praise God for this wonderful and useful app.

Thank You

Great App I use it daily

Great Bible App

Works well, no issues. Great reading plans for reading through the Bible in a year.

Worked great but now won’t open

I used this app for years and loved every bit of it but with the latest version it will no longer open on my iPhone.

Great bible app

I love this bible app it works too well


It’s great and I have used it all most ever day. , well three times a week over the last 8-10 years.


I've tried several apps but this one has been the easiest to use when searching and the way the home page is designed.


I will address this review to a certain type of audience. With all the disinformation in the world today, the admonitions in Rom. 12:2 are ever more important. By using this app in parallel with Strongs, much time is saved, and the weight of great reference material is carried with me everywhere on my little phone. Love being able to use all my time more wisely!!!

Highly recommended

Been using app for many years. Works well.

Doesn’t load books or chapters. Stuck on loading

Perpetually stuck loading when I select any of the reading programs or try and load a chapter

Best Bible Apps For Resources And Sync

Really like the new audio Bible with audio and text at the same time. Well done! ——-Previous—— Been using Olivetree since palm pilot. Definitely the best Vivle Reader available. Syncing notes and highlighting between devices is good. It is hard to beat printed version but this is a good back up. The software is a bit bloated since the founder sold the company to News Corp.

New believer

This is AMAZING!?! I can’t praise it enough. As a new believer digging earnestly, this app is by far the best!!

Bible by Olive Tree

Regarding the new layout in version 7, please provide a setting with an option for the version 6 layout. The new layout is too confusing and commercialized. When that is available I will up the rating from one to five stars. Please provide an option in Settings to change the default olive green color scheme to a user chosen color scheme. Also please remove the floating bar at the top. It’s distracting, not attractive, and time wasting. Thanks for your consideration.


Es la mejor aplicación de la biblia por mucho! Literalmente me encanta! Recomendada....

Yearly Bible reading

My daughter told me about this app. I have been more consistent with this app than I ever have with trading reading of the Bible.


Please no notices like this.

Long Time User

I have used this app for about five years now maybe more. The longer I use it the more it surprises me. I've yet to tap into all of the resources but what I do use is exactly what I need. I often use the Strongs Concordance in the middle of the sermon to clarify a word, or just out of curiosity.

The best!

This is awesome! I have sermon notes on this system and they are in all my devices as soon as type it. I love that the app doesn’t require WiFi to pull up the Bible like other bible apps do.


I have downloaded several bible apps and this is the one I keep returning to because it is more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Looking or commentary

I had took off the app loaded back and their is no commentary for the verses or I’m not finding it. Is it still their and how do I find it.


Outstanding app. Awesome


To me, this is simply the best! My prayer is that God will continue to bless your ministry. Thank you for being a vessel in His Hand.

Love it!

If your looking for a Bible app this is the one. I've used them before there where smart phones and tablets. Ya back in the palm days! I like the navigation in this app to go from one book to another, or with in a book to go from one verse to another. A good search with in the whole Bible or just parts. And I don't have to have Internet connection to read. I have used this app for years even before smartphones. Yes on a PDA lol and it has always been the go to app for my Bible reading. And they keep improving it. Thanks for a great app. And now they have audio Bibles! I love the fact I can download them, no internet service needed to listen to them, so when I don’t have cell service when traveling or bad coverage, and I don’t have to use all my data listening to the Bible!

The cross

For us Jesus gave His life so that we just like Him could receive the gift of eternal life. Mercy and grace unto us salvation is what we seek; His Word is comfort to us. Olive tree you’re on the right track. Jesus loves you and so do I .


I’ve been a Christian for a long time but have not been spending time with God as I should. Now, with this app, I’m spending more time with God everyday. Thanks! ~Just a humble servant

Back button

I would give this program 5 stars if it included a back button that would return quickly to the previously opened passage.

Bible Study Made Easy

I love this app because I can make it to fit my needs. That means I take my resources with me wherever I go. It includes my study notes, bibles, and even a dictionary. I can purchase anything from the store and it will be synced to every one of my devices that has the app. I’ve enjoyed it for many years.

A great bible East to learn from

I love


I look forward to reading my daily devotions It starts my day out w a refreshing start. Please continually to help me start my day on the right foot🙏🏼!

Easy use. Indexing, study guides, and paperless!

Easy use. Indexing, study guides, and paperless!

Great app

This app delivers everything you could ever want as a digital bible, and study guide. Any version you want is here! I am very pleased and though I love my physical bible, it’s nice to have this digital app that goes everywhere with me. Highly recommend.


Everything that God would want done for his Words! It helps with speech, meaning of words & writing and a New Look!

My time with God

I enjoy reading my bible a great deal but sometimes I'm on the run and my bible on my phone helps me stay on track. I love that I can bookmark verses Nd make notes. I mark up my bible quite a bit and I love seeing notes I have made from previous times I have read and this app makes that possible too. So I love it, thank you.

Exceptional resource

One place for all the written words about The Written Word

God words!

I love this bible app, very informative..

Best Bible App Ever

I’ve downloaded many Bible apps before and deleted them after some time. However, I’ve stumbled upon this one and decided to give it a try. I was impressed. It has four different versions that one can simply switch to at any time. It’s amazing ! Simply amazing! From time to time, I would get inspirational quotes/ Bible study guide that would contribute to having a deeper insight of the Bible. I just love it. Thank you 🙏🏾

Great tool for Bible study

I love this app. It is a wonderful tool for Bible reading and study. The Resource Guide is fantastic. All my notes, bookmarks, highlights, etc. sync between my iPad, my phone, and my Mac. Having 2 translations open at the same time, or a translation and a commentary, is really useful. It is very helpful to take notes in the split screen. I use The Bible Study App all the time and the constant updates and improvements are awesome! The Olive Tree folks listen to their users and incorporate suggestions into updates. It just keeps getting better!

Awesome Bible on the go

I love this app. I use it anywhere I go!

Bible from Olive Tree

Great. Easy to use. Read it daily.


♥️ I love this app! I do use others, but Olive Tree is my main go to. Anyone who loves the word will be greatly satisfied with this app..I have been using it for years now..The ability to define words, highlight, share, and use the resource guide is absolutely the best! I love sharing the word. All I have to do is tap and share! 😊 5 stars 🌟 Olive Tree! UPDATE: 5.19.16 I bought an iPhone, and had no problems reestablishing my account with Olive Tree. It's just as easy to use on my iPad and iPhone as it was my Galaxy Note 3. I use "You Version" as well, but, I always go back to Olive Tree. You can establish an awesome library, in which I have! The only thing I can think of that would make the app better, would be videos in the app itself..that would bring it over the top! Still 5 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 Still using Olive Tree and don't EVER see quitting..when I want to hear the word and use a video I use "You Version" BUT when I want to really get into a deep study I go straight to Olive Tree..its resource guide is AWSOME and the synchronization with each book is without rival..there are maps, commentaries, bibles, dictionaries, ebooks and so much more!!! Still 5 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠! Am I biased????? Absolutely!!!! Way to go OLIVE TREE!!!! UPDATE: 10.12.18 STILL using Olive Tree, I will until the word made flesh comes again! Or he calls me home. Then I won’t need to use Olive Tree, BUT until then I am STILL digging in to the word...STILL 5 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠’s

NIV Application Commentary interface very limited

Recently Olive Tree offered great discounts on the NIV Application Commentary. I purchased several commentaries from this series. To my dismay many of the commentaries do not include a table of content. Some do but without a way for direct access to a particular section. Also I have not been able to do a word search in any of the volumes that I have checked thus far. If I am wrong about this please respond.

I highly recommend this app

This is without a doubt the best Bible app I have ever found. I was discouraged quite sometime ago with problems I’ve had but received excellent support and help.

Wonderful Resource

If you read it daily it will bless your life. The additional resources to research and study are invaluable!

Easily the best Bible app on the market, but needs auto-highlighting.

It desperately needs auto-highlighting like on the kindle. (Select the text and it defaults to highlight, rather than selecting highlight and picking a color.) But it’s easily the best Bible app, by far, on the market.

Devotional section

There is no devotional section that explains or breaks down of the scripture to give understanding to the reader.

This marriage is over...

I have used Olive Tree now for several years. My Bible has over 1700 annotations. In the latest update from Olivetree however their "improvements" caused some major malfunctions. First it took about two weeks of leaving my phone on nonstop before all the annotations were updated. All of the highlights that I have used are no longer functional with the new system. I can't change them or adjust them any longer. And now even the simplest actions take 15 to 30 seconds to be implemented. Want to open a version of the Bible, please wait. Want to look up a verse. Please wait. I was real comfortable with "instant" but this application is no longer functional when one simple study takes 15 minutes of waiting. This wasn't a perfect app but the new problems make it intolerable. If I could give it zero stars I would, and I will be moving on. Certainly not my preference since I had invested so much of my devotional life here. But the new changes have made this product worthless. -—--—--—--—--—- Since my last review which earned this product one star (see below) Olive Tree has made some improvements. The first and most important improvement was a better backup system which allowed you to not only backup what you're doing but back up on multiple devices. Very nice. The Olive Tree software seems to be running more stable now and I have had no crashes on either my computer or my iPhone. I do not know if they have fixed the issue of the underlining and highlighting adding an extra word but I am so thankful that for at least a year now I have not had that problem again as I have had twice before. This alone was worthy of adding 2 stars to my previous review. Olive Tree has also appeared to fix the issue of the the software slowing down the more notes you had. Out here in the real world we are still dealing with the issue of note ICONS. Olive Tree gives you a nice starter collection of icons just as they do with highlighter colors. Their highlighter color option gives you a great degree of flexibility. You can add highlighter colors, change highlighter colors, change highlighter styles, and most importantly, name the highlighter colors so that when you go to use them you know what the intent of the color is. Unfortunately, not so with the note ICONS. If you used each of the icons there is no way the average person could remember what each of them stood for. Flexibility needs to be built in to this feature just like it was for the highlighters. We need the ability to name each icon, change their color AND give us the ability to add our own created icons. There are also problems with copy and paste. When you copy a quote of Jesus it puts a space between the quote mark and the actual quote. When you paste a quote that goes to the end of the paragraph it always leaves off the punctuation and the quote mark at the end of the paste. Also, when you paste a verse, many times the space after a : will disappear. This makes you have to read over everything you've pasted for spacing issues. I am a daily user of this software. As a serious and daily Bible student I could make a number of suggestions to improve the product. For now Olive Tree cannot claim to be the gold standard, but for now I'll give it a hearty bronze rating. -—--—--—--—--—- First, I've used Olive Tree for sometime. There is so much to love! I was telling everyone about it. So I was hopeful they'd fix the few problems I was having. Problems like, every time you upgrade, the highlights or underlines add another word. Extremely frustrating when you have hundreds, if not thousands of them. Also, the platform is unstable. First my computer failed to open the software. Then my phone. After fixing both and then manually fixing all the highlights (which took days), now my phone won't backup all my latest notes and highlights. I've contacted them, and they tell me these are known issues, but after months and months they still haven't resolved the issues. Finally, the more notes you add, the more it slows down. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to note icons. But you have to just simply remember what each of them means in your particular application. It would be nice if you could put the name of how you are using them this beside it in the list. If they would fix these items I could give this five stars.


This is simply the best Bible app!

Plenty Of Blessings

This is the most useful Bible App. I enjoy it very much!

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