Bible by Olive Tree App Reviews


Trop bien , je recommande


Viele Bibel-Apps ausprobiert... Olive -Ttree ist mit Abstand die beste. Einige Updates waren in der Vergangenheit buggy... aber momentan tip top.


App doesnt work after updating to iOS8!!!


Love it

Great app

Best bible app on the market.

Great App

Wonderful App


Great app

I miss the watch extension

I love this app. It has been my favorite mobile Bible app since the Palm OS days. My only current complaint is that the developers took away the watch extension I used to use almost daily.

I want to love this revision but can’t

The latest revision of your app needs to be better tested before releasing. The app shows a small spinning indicator stuck on center of the screen saying “loading”. It does not go away even if I remove the app from memory and start it up again fresh. Most of the app features work however with the spinner stuck on the screen I can’t read the Bible. I am running iOS 11.2.5 on an iPhoneX device. Please fix.


Thanks for having a diversity of reading plans to add interest to bible reading.

Love it!

I love it!!! It is my favorite bible app 😘😘❤️❤️ It consists of really good and helpful features. I recommend everyone to download this app.

What Happened to the UI ?!&(.?!?? 5 Stars down to 4

What makes developers decide to scramble their app?!? Functions moved all around for little apparent benefit. I’ll probably get used to it but for now it’s just “friction” in the system. Reply to “developer’s response”: The problem is the app IS working as intended … the “issue” is that the new layout seems like the same features (which I love) were just scrambled around for no reason. I’m a 20+ year Olive Tree Bible user, going back to days of my Palm Pilot.

Good but One Annoying Dislike

UPDATE FROM BELOW REVIEW: I’m now giving the app 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from the developer’s response below. Thanks. No more annoying badge notifications or at least users have the option if we want them. I’ve enjoyed this app for years but it has one annoying thing that has finally run me away to another Bible app. It has these annoying badge notifications (within the app) that can’t be turned off. They force you to open up the messages of the day that they send several times a week. You actually have to click and open up each message for for each badge notification to turn off. If there’s a way to disable it, I am unaware of it. So I’ve finally found another Bible app that I’m moving on to.

The Best

I've tried many Bible software programs over the years but none of them are as good as Olive Tree.

Olive Tree Bible App is My Best PC, iPhone and iPad Bible Study Software Library

Thanks so much for the ease to open Strong’s, verse links, other translations as well as frequent discount offers - Stay belles in our Lord Yeshua Ha Maschiach name Amen.

Bible in a Year!!!

Just what I needed


This app is great, very thankful for it. I've never been able to read the Bible on my own but they have different reading plans so it's super easy to read the Bible. It also has a walk through glossary which helps a lot.


Very good bible I love the design and how you have improved it. I'm fairly new using it so it's Going smooth for me Thank you so much.

Good iOS app

Good iOS app for my iPhone and iPad. But, if you’re like me and switch between phone and Windows Be wary of the Window desktop app ver 6.1.1. After updating to that version the program crashes upon startup...despite repeated uninstalls/re-installs. No response yet from customer support.

Wonderful Bible

What I love most about the Olive Tree Bible is the wide variety of reading plans. It is easy to maneuver, I just love it!

Great resource!

Such a great way to advance understanding of the Text. Really like how different devices sync all your information. Great content in store. Small theological library in your pocket!!!

Hope you can help

Requesting the Highlight feature be “one-touch” for verse, easier to use, and have brighter color schemes please. Thats the only thing holding me back from using the app, sadly. I’ve invested enough in purchases in the app but, don’t have enough tolerance for the current highlight feature to keep me using the app.

My favorite Bible App!

I love this Bible app more than any other! Easy to use and love all the free versions that are offered. The only issue I’m finding right now is the highlighting on my new iPad. When I highlight verses, they turn too dark to see. If I move a couple of pages over and come back to the page, the highlighting is normal again. If I close the app and reopen it, the highlighting is too dark almost black again. Then I have to move off the page again to get the highlight right again. Please look into this minor glitch. Other than that, this app is perfect!


I love the reading of Gods word in chronological order. I miss not having they Rabbi’s midrash easily available.

Favorite app

If I could have just one app this would be it. The study guides & reading plans are great. Easy access to the study guides & reference materials help to answer questions & clarify scripture as you read. I’ve learned so much about scripture with this app, it took an initial curiosity about a book I had a lot of options on, but had never read into a full blown Love affair with the Bible.

Good app- crashes on search

Love this app - but recently its crashing on any search. Loses effectiveness for me.


I've used your reader for over 10 years, going back to a version on my iPaq. I can't imagine my Bible Study and daily reading of God's Word without my Olive Tree library. Thank you for continuing to improve your product and enhancing the capabilities.


Getting better and more valuable with every iteration! What a blessing!!!


I love how you can choose which version of the Bible is right for you, NKJ or English Standard Version, etc. I can save verses or add notes which is really important to me. Love this app! Exactly what I was looking for!

Family sharing not supported.

This app would easily be a five star except... Although the app advertises family sharing is supported, no in-app purchases can be shared. This has become a problem because I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on commentaries, maps, and books believing I would be able to let my wife use them as well. This is not the case, and is a major let down for me. If you read all the fine print in the EULA it is a little more clear, but in my experience with all other apps if they say family sharing is supported than the in-app purchases transfer. Don't think I be buying many more books here unless this changes. 🙁

Olive Tree

My favorite Bible app and I have many but use this one for my commentaries and they ease of switching from AMP to NKJV etc.


I love the features. It is my favorite bible to use.

My Go Bible

I have just about every digital Bible but really appreciate the design and interface of Olivetree the most making it my go to Bible. Nothing comes close to this especially when using the iPad. Thank you for making this resource available to serious Bereans. The Word saved my life and this resource helps me delve deeper and reach higher.

Best Bible App!

I have used this app for Bible study for about 6 years. I couldn't function without it! It gets better with each update:)

Apple Pencil functionality please!

I love how I have so many references available while I am reading! I am someone who loves to physically write things down, if you can picture someone with loads of highlighters and multicolored pens, that’s me! I love to mark up my Bible - circle repeating words, connect words throughout a passage with lines, draw an image, make notes that I can see alongside the text - it helps me to process what I am reading because I can really work with the text. As a visual and tactile learner, I would love, love, love to be able to use my Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro in the ways I described above! I downloaded this app to get away from paper, but I really miss the things I could do in my paper Bible. If you could PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE implement Apple Pencil functionality in the above ways, it would be the best of both worlds!!!!

Love It

This is a great app, easy and functional. I honestly haven't found anything I don't like about it. I've never read the Bible from cover to cover, I guess because the pages are so cumbersome and the text is small — so this is making it a lot easier to finally complete my goal.


It takes a little while to get a feel for navigating through the many options. However, bottom line, once comfortable with finding all that’s available, this is an incredibly fast and comprehensive tool for studying the Bible in depth! And, you can customize it to meet your exact needs. Definitely a two thumbs up!


Ease of access to References, Resources and Personal Notes within the app continues to amaze me. Obviously, lots of good thinking went into this package.

Different translations

Why don’t you offer various translations. There are times it would be helpful. I would give you a better rating.


Enjoy the ease of use. Thanks


This app is great. The layout is very easy for me to understand. I love the idea that I could have an account and then be able to use that account and sync all the notes I have to my computer (have the computer app).

I didn’t know Saul went blind

For 3 days

Awesome Powerful tool



Thanks so much for your app! Very user friendly!

Bring Back Rotation In Iphone

I’ve us this app for several years and really like it. But why did they take away the ability to rotate the display on the IPhone? It wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing! PLEASE bring back rotation of the IPhone!!

Both comprehensive and intuitive

I love this app! It's comprehensive and intuitive, and it helps me to take my Bible study to a new level. All of my translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and other study tools are in this app with hyperlinks to cross references enabling me to quickly answer my questions and absorb the true meaning of The Word.

Best Bible App

Great selection and great prices. Intuitive app that has great functions and easy to use.

Best Bible app, but still could be better

Dear dev team, 1. Please bring back landscape mode for the iPhone X. (Is there a setting somewhere in the app that I may have overlooked?) 2. Please allow icons in tool bar to be interchangeable with other tools. For example, I’d like to switch out the shopping cart icon for a reading history icon. 3. Please allow user to make some reading plans (i.e. Grant Horner Reading Plan) “endless” instead of the default setting for only “one year.” 4. Please add a “tabs feature” just like the Logos Bible App. Everything else is flawless as far as display, aesthetics, note taking, highlighting, etc. Thank you for making one of the best Bible study apps for iOS. The only other competitor is Logos Bible app; however this is my primary, numero uno go to Bible study app for my iPhone and iPad and... it’s a tie with Logos on my MacBook Pro!

Great resources and mobile app for going deeper

Wish the desktop app was stable and as awesome as the Mobil app... TIP: Purchase resources directly from the website / this will earn credits on your rewards account - purchasing in the app will not earn credits. After researching and considering several other options (Logos / BLB / Accordance / Bible Works) I landed on Olive Tree and started purchasing the resources that I need. The other tools were good, but the resource library, intuitive mobile friendly design and overall cost meant a great fit for deeper study of God's word.

Financially App Resources Vs. Actual Physical Books is too much

The App and KJV is free, but the e version books (many of the physical ones which I have already purchased) are expensive, and the ads and constant contact are many. I’m a Bible tech tweener (mid-40’s), perhaps the last generation that will actually will sometimes hand-write sermons and possess physical books (my library is over 2,500 volumes). I also see the value and user-friendliness of app resources; however, I cannot justify spending so much money on that which I already have, for convenience sake. I guess I’m a spiritual 8-track guy in an mp3 world. That being said, for those in their 20’s and 30’s who have not yet bought the books, and have no intention of buying hard copies, this looks like it would be a helpful study tool.

Study tools

While it’s difficult to identify a particular subject the articles allow the students of the Bible can rest assured that the information supplied are biblically sound.

Olive tree bible software rocks.

I've been using this olive tree bible software for quite a few years first discovering it when I used a palm pilot for organization... it worked great with a number of free non copyrighted bible translation to use... I later purchased the NIV 1984 version since this was where I had been reading for some time. Over the years Olive tree has changed with technology and provide free versions for every mobile device I had each time providing updated translation to work with new device. I purchased several other translations and commentaries over the years and these have all been tuned for my devices. I especially like the way I can have different translations open side by side when reading and can access the Strong's Concordance by touching the verse on my apple devices. This makes digging down into the word exceptionally convenient. The app also lets you highlight things as you desire and place notes next to the verses. With the ability to change fonts, spacing, backgrounds, and contrast to suit your taste, I ca comfortably read in any lighting situation. And with a type size that is comfortable to read without my reading glasses. I can select text segments I wish to post and post them directly to my Facebook and twitter accounts and I see that the app also posts to other social media as well. I only use the aforementioned two. I have never had to re purchase items as I've moved from platform to platform and I can actually keep up with the pastor as he switches between verses in his sermon. There is so much this app allows you to easily do, I am just touching on the things I currently use. You can place ribbons in places, access reading plans, commentary, and a lot more. Since the app download is free and some bibles and such are free, try it out... the price is right.

It's so easily accessible.

I love that I can find things really easy..

Definitely 5 stars

This is my favorite app.. If you need to navigate, or do a word search in the bible, you'll love using this program by olive tree..

Just added app

It is hard to give too much of review on an app I added 1 hour ago. I wish the app had waited a day or two to ask my opinion.

The wonderful Bible App

I love this App so much. Do not ask again to rate your app. It just upgraded the resource's fonts as same as text in scripture. It is easy to read just like the commentary book even in my iPhone 5.

All in One

You are able to have your Bibles and studies, notes, commentaries, maps, and books in one place. Very convenient and useful tool!

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