Bible by Olive Tree App Reviews


Trop bien , je recommande


Viele Bibel-Apps ausprobiert... Olive -Ttree ist mit Abstand die beste. Einige Updates waren in der Vergangenheit buggy... aber momentan tip top.


App doesnt work after updating to iOS8!!!


Love it

Great app

Best bible app on the market.

Great App

Wonderful App


Great app


The most wonderful app. Easy to use and keeps all notes and highlighting right with the verses. No more shuffling through journals to find a comment. Excellent.

I would give 5 stars but.....

Where can I found the history? I used to be able to find all the scriptures that I read throughout the week, but now it only has a bookmark? Can we have that feature back? Or else please tell me how to find my history? Thank you.

Broken since update

I purchased the NRSV app, which always worked. Now that they force everything to go through this Bible Study app, my purchase has disappeared. This app is solely designed to sell you more stuff. It never works, despite all the “help” and it seems to be based around the concept of forcing you to have yet another login and password in life, which the old NRSV app didn’t require. This is the only app on my iPhone phone that has literally never worked. Update: developer offered to help if I find the receipt proving purchase of NRSV. That’s crazy. Never had to do that with any App Store purchase ever. Every other developer has a way to restore purchases!

Go to App

In my personal study as well as preparing to teach Bible Classes, this is my go to App. I have several Olive Tree Apps on my IPad. I place various Bible Translations in one. I place commentaries in a second, writings of the Church Fathers in a third and maps, concordance and such in another. This allows me to move between various resources with ease. It has been some time now since I first wrote a review of this app. My feelings have only grown stronger. An essential

The Best Bible App

I have tried a few and this is the best. Download free versions and you don't need wi-for or your data. Switching from book to book is so easy when doing a bible study. And switching versions to see the same verse for added clarity is also so easy. Using the split screen on a phone is not that great for me so I don't use that function much. I won't switch! Not sure why people complain about the scrolling. You can scroll up and down to your hearts content or flip pages. It’s all in settings! I still love this app over any other. The only improvement I can suggest: have a “back” function. There used to be one for Android. I don’t know if it still exists on that platform. Many times when I study a passage, I want to look at a related passage, not through links. There is no way to just return to where I was without choosing the verse or going for a bookmark. A little back arrow would be lovely!

Two things! Otherwise great

Great app that I use all the time. Love it. I just would like to see the ability to see all the translations of a verse at once for comparison. Also would like to see two columns of text for landscape view. Thanks!

Always here!

I’m a mix of an old fashioned, traditional, paper and bindings girl. I love ACTUAL books! But.. I also really like technology and all the resources I can have with me wherever I go. I enjoy that the Olive Street app gives me so many resources that are super handy and always with me. I also appreciate that I’m not obligated to purchase a big set of resources, rather I can choose ala cartel what I want and add to my library as I see the need or can budget more books. And finally, it seamlessly syncs across my devices. ^__^. I recommend it for sure!!

Excellent App!

This app has been my "go to" Bible since it was on a Palm Pilot. Now I buy books on it too! It's an excellent, well thought out, feature-rich app that has continued to grow with me in my spiritual walk. I'm grateful for all the work put into it.

Best Bible Study App

I take this Bible to church with me, it a very useful tool. I can keep up with the change of verses during the sermon, plus highlight, underline or make notes with ease. I think it's the best Bible App out there! You can do everything with this Bible App, it has great devotionals that you can tap into, you can purchase to view maps of the area in which you are reading at the time and cursor highlight a word you don’t know to find its definition. Personalize this Bible into what version that you prefer, scrolling side to side by pages or continuously up & down and the font & size to see or read better with. It should be downloaded for off line reading but will keep the changes that you make in the cloud. It’s My favorite ❤️

Great Bible Study App

I use this app on a daily basis for my in-depth Bible Study. I love the notes functions, especially the verse hyperlink capability. My only reason for giving four stars instead of five is because it has not incorporated audio versions like other apps that cost less. I listen to the Bible frequently while driving. If it had this option, I would need no other Bible app. Thanks for considering!

Good but could have a bit more improvement

It has everything that you would need but I would be better with a audio speaker so if you are busy you can listen but be doing other things at the same time 😃

Great app the most complete biblical app

Excellent tools. Thanks!

Great Feature Set

I've been using this app for several years, now. Mostly I stay with it because it has a great set of features, like no other. Highlighting down to the word level, inserting notes anywhere, a split view option and a good collection of supported gestures that make it easy to navigate quickly anywhere all combine to make a really useful study tool. The reliability issues the app has had in the past have seemed quite well cleaned up. It has been several years, now, since any real problems have prevented my using it. While I’m glad for this, I’m very disappointed that this latest release has taken away the ability to search within an open resource, such as a second translation in “parallel view.” I used this frequently, and now will have to constantly switch between OT and another app to do this. Why would they take that functionality away? I sure hope they reconsider this serious deficiency.

Unable to open this app.

I have save data, off loaded the app and reinstalled, but I am still unable to open this app! Very disappointed

Great study app!!

Best I’ve found for bible study and note taking.

Olive Tree

I believe Olive Tree to be the best thing since God gave use the written Word. I don't always have adequate time for Bible study. This app allows me to make the best use of my time. I have many other biblical resources with this app; hundreds of dollars worth. Every time I have extra money I buy more. I feel like a budding Bible scholar. Love this app.


It is great just like God...!

Landscape view back

Thank you so much for bringing landscape you back.

Intriguing App

The app has helped me in my faith journey. The ESV commentary is especially insightful and Kingdom Reading Plan is among the best I have ever used. The app is the perfect resource tool to help the reader understand the Bible.

Best bible app I have ever found

I don’t care what I’m trying to look up, it is so easy with olive tree. I can quickly go from one version to another version for a diff view. There is no other bible app that even comes close to olive tree...

The Best

I have used Olive Tree since the old Palm OS days. Love the way I can take notes linked to a passage and then retrieve them during later study.

Best Bible study app!

I've use this app on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It is so great! I love the resource guide the best! A! powerful and convenient!

The Word that gives Light

I’ve used the olive tree bible study app for some time now! It’s truly one of the best and comprehensive ways to study The Word , the various resource tools, and guides it has to offer, helps in search, for meanings of words, and the way you can navigate in different translations to get a better understanding of the scriptures. Thanks be to God, for the increase of knowledge, and God bless Olive Tree for putting it together. In Jesus name, amen.

Bible by Olive Tree

Regarding the new layout in version 7, please provide a setting with an option for the version 6 layout. The new layout is too confusing and commercialized. When that is available I will up the rating to 5 stars. Please provide an option in Settings to change the default olive green color scheme to a user chosen color scheme. Also please remove the floating bar at the top. It’s distracting, deplorable, and time wasting. Thanks for your consideration.

Excellent Resource for Study

This app provides every resource that one will need to complete a thorough study of any passage in the Bible. It is a wonderful treasure!

Best Bible study tool

Olive Tree is the most complete study tool and has superior user interface. Wide range of resources and works on phones, tablets, and laptop equally well.

Amazing app

I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to jump from one resource to another. I now wait for books to make it to the olive tree store before buying them because any scripture is linked . Thanks olive tree Old guy from Texas

Great app-

I use this app everyday for reading the Bible and the reading plans are excellent. The scripture search for key words, and the notes on different words, and the references to other passages are all great. I have been using this app for over 3 years. Really handy to have your Bible right in your phone so you can read it anytime!


I have never read the Bible in chronological order before. I have been reading it that way for two years taking it slowly. I very much enjoy reading the events as they happen. Don’t think I will ever go back to reading it like an ordinary book again!!!

Amazing tool for anything Bible-related

I have been using this app for many years now, at home on my phone and even at the Church’s media computers. It’s an amazing tool for devotionals, systematic studies and organization in bible-highlighting and notes. I love it!


This app is awesome!

Almost but not quite

I wanted to give this app four stars (I never give five stars) but there is one deficiency that stopped me. The purchased books have inconsistent links to Bible translations. Many citations are highlighted as dynamic links and take you to that passage. But frequently the citation is in the same font as the book text, and is not dynamically linked to the default Bible translation. I emailed technical support about this and they acknowledged the situation but gave no indication of when book updates correcting the problem would be available. Candidly I have to say that the other two main competing academic Bible apps, both of which I use, don’t seem to have this issue. I hope Olive Tree will work to make this a four star app.

Excellent way to read through the Bible

I started my first journey of reading through the Bible with this app and found it to be a very enjoyable experience.

Love it

Wish they had the option to have it read aloud

Great job

I’m usually thrilled when I see people use their God-given talents and skills to glorify God and bless others. The great minds behind Olive Tree Bible app have done a great job at bringing us closer to the word of God. The newly consolidated app is cute, user-friendly and rich. Check out the introductory video and you’ll be guided on how to get the best from your wonderful OTB app. Remain blessed all. Tim writes.

A special app!

This Bible app has a special place in my life — it’s used daily, with several translations, bible reading plans — and notes galore!

Disappearing resources (update: resolved)

Since recent update, parallel window resource has changed to chosen default Bible upon reopening. Two windows of ESV is neither helpful nor needed. Very annoying! Update: Olive Tree responded quickly via email, and then released another update to fix what the previous update had broken.


Absolutely great resource for study and sermon preparation

Love the Olive Tree App

I have had Olive Tree since my first Palm Pilot, and on multiple Smart Phones and Tablets. Once I got this app, I’ve never had to re-purchase my NASB, or any version. When I was buying various e-books and audios, I had to keep buying various versions over and over when I changed methods and vendors. Olive Tree has ended all that re-purchasing. I can buy any bible or book I want, and know I can download it whenever I need it with Olive Tree.

Look No Further

I seldom write reviews. Probably less than ten total. I have been a user of Olive Tree Bible Software since the days of the Palm OS Treo. Over the years I have tried many other Bible software solutions as well; on my PC (before the best decision ever: Mac OS X), on my Mac, and on my iOS devices. Some of them were online solutions and some were device based. None of which compared to both the ease of use and depth of capability of the Bible app by Olive Tree. — From the total TechHead to the occasional user; the Bible app offers something for all. — I seamlessly use the software on my MacBook, iPhone, & iPad. It allows me to bookmark areas important to me, make notes for future reference and offers what seems to be an immeasurable number of Bible versions, Maps, Study Guides, Reference Material & Reading Plans. There are many items for purchase and well worth the price. — Olive Tree provides consistent and relevant updates to their software as well as reference material. And their Customer Service is on par with some of the best in the world.

Great bible study

I use this app daily & rely heavily on its availability & reliability. My only concern is with updates. The latest update prevents me from opening my app. It just keeps trying to sync but hasn’t been able to. When updates work, it is an superior app. This has happened before so beware of updates.

Unrequited Love from Olive Tree...

Dear Olive Tree, With a library of well over 100 purchased titles from within the app, and most of them bulk impulse buys from your weekly sales, why is there no way for me to sort my library by date of purchase and maybe even see when I bought them from within the app? And also (and this happens often enough to be a real annoyance), when i’m reading and enjoying my daily Bible study, I open a popup window (which shows all my previous highlights) and see another verse or something else I want to highlight.... except I can’t because the highlighting function is not available on popup windows, so i must first open the popup as the main or side window, do my highlight, and then repeat the window swapping process to return to my original layout... This totally breaks the flow of studying. So you see, Olive Tree, I love this app (and have invested quite a lot of money on in-app book purchases and studying tools over the years) to wonder why my two little requests continue to go unanswered... I love your app... I’m just not feeling the love back in the form of two much needed features. : (

Poor Accessibility Features for people with low vision

Most menu buttons do not respond to Voice Over. Therefore, making the application extremely difficult to navigate by people with low vision. Also, returning to the Home page from the Settings page is poorly designed. Most applications would utilize the menu BACK located at the top left corner of the page. This application uses a small menu button located at the right corner of the Settings page.


Excellent resource for every type of study! Prices vary from very expensive to very affordable. There is something great for everyone in every price category! Highly recommended.

Best Mobile Bible App

There is no other application I use for Bible reading and study on the go than the Olive Tree app. It has the best content and the fastest application.

Don’t like it

Thank you for not deleting the old app. I see the new app works different, and frankly I don’t want to learn it. What is see is more ads that the old app. So, screw you, I’ll stick with the old app thank you.

Side to side parallel reading gone missing-WHY?

When writing this review it is in landscape mode , which is wonderful . What happened to the landscape mode reading ??! when I read in my Bible app there is no more landscape mode on my iPhone 7+ with your App , again what happened to the landscape mode ?, it made my reading enjoyable in the Bible app , now my screen is limited! the parallel screen Side to side is gone , now the parallel screen is only top to bottom, I do not care for this feature ! the app is still a great app 🤓 but the reading is forced to be limited to the readers in only one feature of parallel reading , please bring back the side to side parallel reading. thank you and enjoy the rest your day 😎😇 (my landscape mode featuring in my phone works well what other apps thank you again)

Great app that doesn’t need the internet.

Allows for resources, highlights, and notes to help bring out the scriptures.

Love the New Look!

After reading all the negative reviews, I was apprehensive about installing the latest major update. I was certain there would be ads and shopping cart icons blinking in my face on every page of the Bible! NOT SO! This is a well thought out re-design, that still allows for immersive, in depth study without distraction. In fact, it seems with the "unlock toolbar" feature, there is more real estate available for Bible text. And after a couple of days practice, I'm zipping around the new interface much faster than with the old. Great job everyone! Glad I updated.

Love this app!

I’ve been using this app as long as I’ve owned a smartphone. In church I take notes during the sermon. I love that you don’t need a WiFi connection so I can use it anywhere & at any time. I purchased the NLT for devotional use because I already have hard copies of KJV, NKJV, & NIT. I like how everything transfers from one device to another. I’m still figuring out the upgrade, but I’m sure I’ll love it once I figure it out. I’m not the most tech savvy person out there. Thanks so much for this awesome app!

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