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Replaces my library

My new study library ! The value of the whole contents (study bibles, books, dictionnaries...) makes this app the new mobile library. Would appreciate to know how to contribute (dev, text providing) for additionnal languages bible translations (my wish is to add Malagasy) and other types of contents.

Problème !

With the new version no text, than symbols ! > :&?().., Help !

Strongly recommended

After several years of use : brilliant app ! Greatly blessed me. Thanks to Olive Tree !!!!


Have used this app for yrs. It is my own personal bible that I can take everywhere & read whenever I want. I read my daily chapters, highlight verses I want to remember, take notes and bookmark pages I want to read tomorrow. Highly recommend it


A fantastic app, easy to use and nice evolutions, backed up by a really helpful support team if you ever have an issue. How fantastic to carry multiple versions of the Bible, in multiple languages, plus concordance all in a tablet! Also the ability to add notes and highlight without messing up the appearance of the Bible page is fantastic. Highly recommended!

Great, but...

This app is the best Bible app Ive found until now, it is a great job and the notes/search/navigation possibilities are almost unlimited, thanks a lot to all the developpers! Please add a French version with Strong numbers and Hebrew and Greek dictionary!!!

Olive tree

Very good apps A+++++

Good application, limited literature

The application is professionally programmed and works very well. A lot of the available literature comes from evangelist sources in the United States, with (sometimes) narrow interpretations of the Bible. But there are also some ecumenical sources available ...

Bless the Lor my soul… Beni le Seigneur ô mon âme

Le OliveTree Bibelreader qui est à mon avis un des meilleurs, peut-être le meilleur Bibelreader pour iPhone et iPad pour le moment. Je travaille avec le Luther Studybibel (en Allemand) qui est une très bonne traduction et c’est un de la traduction rare qui comprend tous les livres de Bibel (y compris les livres de Deuterocanonique, qui sont très impotant pour moi en tant que catholique). Je rends grâces à l’Éternel pour tous ceux dentre vous qui travaillent sur le projet OliveTree. Dieu vous bénisse. The OliveTree Bibelreader which is in my opinion one of the best, perhaps the best Bibelreader for iPhone and iPad for the moment. I am working with the Luther Studybibel which is a very good translation and it is one of the rare translation which includes all of the Bibel books (including the Deuterokanonical Books, which are very impotant to me as a catholic). I praise the glory of the Lord for all of you who wirked on this OliveTree Bibelproject. God bless you.

Could be better

Too much advertisment and notifications.

Amazing application

I do recommend!

Good Bible App

This one of the best bible app. Just missing the Jerusalem bible portugese edition.

Time is important

Many times the app takes long to open...

The best!

O melhor aplicativo bíblico que existe


This app is great to read, to study and to write texts. I strongly recommend. Claudio.

Good Bible

rich options

Great Bible App

Great content, well designed.


A wonderful resource for every student of the bible.

Super-Functional and Comprehensive

Ive been using this app for the 2+ years and Im amazed how complete this app is as a bible on the go. It just keeps getting better and better. The ease of use just makes want to use it everyday. Im waiting for the day when the audio bible gets in there.

Very powerful and useful tool

Since I just started using this app Im not sure which bibles, maps and study bibles can be combined. Its also a pity that its not possible to look into books of the store. At least some screenshots would be really helpful. It would be great if you could even make a short video demo. For feedback reviews would be great. There are also problems with updates in recent times. You cannot see if the update is downloading and you get several notifications for the same resource.

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